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August 24, 2016

DC Wedding Planner | How to Survive a Rainy Wedding Day

Simply Breathe Events | DC Wedding Planner | How to Survive a Rainy Wedding Day“/>

Photo Cred: Red October Photography

Your wedding day is right around the corner and the forecast is calling for thunderstorms with a 90% chance of rain – time to head into full panic mode! Your day is absolutely ruined! What about the dove release you so effortlessly planned or the sparkler send off at the end of the night? That surely won’t happen now! That is, unless you planned in advance for rain! Yes, planned for it! You actively took steps to still make it the best day of your life AND you had a smile on your face about it. Curious about what those things exactly are? Here’s how to survive a rainy day wedding!

Rule #1Stop checking the weather! Yes I know the forecast can seem daunting when your wedding day is rapidly approaching and it seems as though it’s going to rain. The thing about that is, it’s only a forecast. The weather is bound to change as you approach the actual day of your wedding. It is very possible that the weather can change for the better and you will have a gorgeous wedding day.
Talk with Your Vendors – It’s also very important to have a conversation with your wedding vendors. See if your Photographer has ever shot a wedding in the rain (odds are they have!) or if they have any fun ideas to incorporate into your wedding day. Be sure to have a discussion with your hair + makeup team, to ensure your look stunning all night long.
Embrace It – Now in the event it does rain, you’re going to have to embrace it. Meaning yes, if it’s just a slow drizzle you might still very much be able to utilize your ceremony garden and still have a breathtaking first look outside. Though you may need to include fun props such as clear umbrellas and fun rain boots into the mix. If it’s raining cat’s and dogs then it’s time to kick in that stellar Plan B plan for your wedding you already properly thought out with your planner 😉

Though not ideal, rain on a wedding can still be a very romantic and beautiful setting for your wedding. Have you ever seen wedding photos on a rainy day?? They are some of the most gorgeous photos I’ve ever seen!



Photo cred: Erika Layne Photography

Remember…”Life is not so much about waiting for the storms to pass as it is about learning to dance in the rain.”

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