owner tiffany rivera

"There's nothing like the adrenaline rush I feel the day of an event! The countless hours of planning + prepping can now bring my client's vision to life. The smiles, the gratitude. I thrive off of that feeling. It reminds me this is where I belong!"

Being a DC Wedding + Event Planner has provided me so many amazing opportunities! My favorite weddings & events are those that aren’t afraid to push boundaries, take some risks and show a good example of a party! I'm a military child so meeting new people and adapting to change is second nature to me. Obstacle in my way, bring it on!!

I LOVE THIS CITY! There's nothing more I rather be doing than taking my dog Bentley on a long walk through our neighborhood in Brookland, or digging through local vintage shops for rare finds. 

Did I mention I love food? Seriously, I'm pretty sure I'd be a food blogger if not for the event industry. Some of my faves are grabbing some spicy lo mein at Maketto, or a dozen Oysters at Old Ebbitt. Chocolate chip cookies will always have my heart and I'm not ashamed to say I follow Captain Cookie on twitter just to know where their truck is at any given time. 

I'm so thankful that you've decided to stop by, and even more excited that we'll be able to chat soon!