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July 10, 2017

DC Wedding Planner | So You’ve Been Asked to Give a Wedding Toast?

DC Wedding Planner | So You've Been Asked to Give a Wedding Toast? | Simply Breathe Events

This picture sums it up perfectly, doesn’t it? You’ve been asked to give a wedding toast from the couple-to-be and you couldn’t be more ecstatic about it right? I have a feeling half of you reading this are cringing and the other half are like yea no problem at all! Regardless, if speaking in front of a large group of people is your forte or not, we’ve got tips and tricks to help get you through the best wedding toast you’ll ever give!

Keep it Simple – The Best Advice You’ll Ever Receive!

If borrowing from love songs, poems, or popular movies to add some pizazz to your toast seems more like work than fun, it’s best to keep it simple here. Open with the story of how you bet the bride or groom, how they told you about their spouse, or even a funny (non-embarrassing) story no one else knows about, always ending with a thank you and a smile.

Practice Makes Perfect

Feel free to practice your speech in front of others in the wedding party, or a friend that knows you both equally to ensure you’re keeping on track. If public speaking isn’t your thing, take comfort in knowing you’ll be in front of the friendliest audience possible and they’ll want to listen to you. Your toast should also be no more than 3-4 mins so set a timer when you begin too, to make sure you don’t need to cut away any unnecessary lines. No one wants to sit through a 5+ minute speech, not even the couple-to-be!

Paper in Hand Ok, Phones Iffy

Call me traditional, but I still think it looks so much better to have a piece of paper in hand reading your speech than scrolling through your phone to do so. Yes, I’m a millennial and I just said that out loud!! Question is, if there’s a microphone and you have your paper in the other hand, who holds your glass for the ending toast? Recruit another member of the wedding party to assist with holding your glass while you give your toast and hand it over once it’s time to raise your glass. Piece of cake!

DC Wedding Planner | So You've Been Asked to Give a Wedding Toast? | Simply Breathe Events

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