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March 30, 2016

DC Wedding Planner | Should I Hire a Makeup Artist?


You see those pretty photos of brides and their bridesmaids looking flawlessly in their wedding photos? Did you know that most of those photos are taken 2, 3, 4, hours after their makeup artist has finished completing their makeup? Very rarely do brides finish hair & makeup and take ALL of their photos at once. There is a waiting process that naturally occurs, traveling to and from locations, possibly being exposed to natural elements: beaming sun light, humid weather, did we mention rain (Gasp!). Bottom line is, the odds that that bride hired a makeup artist are high and one of the best decisions they could’ve made for the longevity of her photos.

We reached out to one of our favorite makeup artists Tiffany Mak of TMak Artistry to answer some questions many of you want to know about hiring a makeup artist for your wedding day! (And not only because we share the same first name 😉 )

  • What inspired you to get started in the makeup industry and how long have your been a MUA?

My brother is a hairstylist and had suggested that maybe I should learn how to do makeup since I’ve always enjoyed art and it would be awesome if we could actually work together sometime. I decided to try it out and ended up really loving it, it’s been 6 years now and I can’t really picture myself doing anything else.

  • Why is it so important to have a makeup artist for your wedding?

It is important because your photos and videos are what you’re going to be looking at for the rest of your life to remember such a special day. A professional makeup artist, especially one who is experienced in doing bridal makeup knows how to make sure your makeup looks amazing not only in person but also for photos, videos and make sure it lasts all day long.

  • When getting your makeup done, how should I client come prepared? Fresh face, primer, moisturizer?

You should always come with a fresh clean face with only moisturizer on.

  • What are your favorite makeup trends right now?

A popular trend this year, we’ll start to see artists doing glossy skin vs the dewey skin look. I love it because it makes the skin look very supple and healthy.

  • For brides that decide to keep their makeup DIY, what’s the best advice you can give them?

If you think you’d prefer to do your own makeup I’d highly suggest trying out multiple looks beforehand and of course photograph your looks as well to make sure you like the makeup in photos as much as you do in person.


Thanks so much for answering our questions Tiffany!
Tiffany Rivera is a WEDDING PLANNER & EVENT PLANNER serving DC, Maryland, Virginia and beyond!

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