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June 12, 2017

DC Wedding Planner | Should I plan a Wedding Farewell Brunch?

Simply Breathe Events | DC Wedding Planner | Should I Plan a Wedding Farewell Brunch?


If there’s one thing that DC residents do best, its definitely brunch and the day after your wedding should be no exception. If you’re not automatically jet setting off to your honeymoon, organizing a farewell brunch as the last hoorah of your wedding weekend is the perfect way to ensure you’ve said all of your final thank you’s. So without further ado, here’s your full proof guide to ensuring your wedding #SundayFunday goes off without a hitch. Mimosas anyone?

Who Should You Expect To Show?

Theoretically, everyone from the wedding should be allowed to attend your farewell brunch. Will everyone show? That’s a different story. If you’ve planned a successful wedding after party, nine times out of ten there may be a few stragglers to next day’s brunch. Expect waves of guests to flow in and out of your designated buffet (yes a buffet, let’s make it as easy as possible)!

Formal Invitations Aren’t Necessary

Word of mouth, or simply including the information in your guests Welcome Bags at your hotel room block, is perfectly fine since this is an informal event. At the end of your wedding, for those not attending the after party, have your wedding party spread the word and remind guests at the end of the night.

What Time and Where?

For the sake of your guests that went extra hard last night, let’s not make brunch the next morning too early. Ideally a 10am start time, ending around 1:00pm or 2:00pm is a perfect amount of time. When choosing a location, be sure to keep your our of town guests in mind. Traveling across town for breakfast isn’t going to be very appealing. If your hotel doesn’t have an in-house restaurant or nearby spot, consider holding the brunch at one of your parent’s or family member’s homes for a more relaxed and convenient feel.

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