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April 4, 2016

DC Wedding Planner | Tipping Wedding Vendors – How Much?

Photo Cred: This Rad Love

Photo Cred: This Rad Love

One topic many of our clients come to us about is Tipping Wedding Vendors. How much is enough? Am I expected to tip all of vendors? Is my paid in full balance not enough? Have no fear, because today we’ll be breaking it all down for you.

Is tipping expected?

To say Tipping Wedding Vendors is expected would be the same as stating a Thank You is required after an act of kindness. No, you are not “expected” to tip your vendors at your wedding. However it is very much appreciated in the event your vendor goes above and beyond for you, or has been an exceptional vendor since your initial consultation.

That leads me to my next Tipping Wedding Vendors topic….

Check Your Contracts!

Whether I’m your Day-of Coordinator or you’ve hired me the day after you said YES, checking your contracts is apart of my job as a Wedding Planner. Although very seldom, there are some companies that will include gratuity into their contracts. This is why I say to always check your contracts. Your vendor could’ve very well already added their tip into their final bill to you. You wouldn’t want to double tip them in the event they are awful, however it they were beyond exceptional you might feel inclined to show them how great they were by providing an extra Thank You.

How Much?

Now for the part you all have been waiting for – How much should I tip each vendor? (Some of the more common ones)

  • Hair & Makeup: A 15-20% tip, just like when going to a salon. This will be reflected based upon the amount of your overall Hair & Makeup Services. If you are providing this cost for your bridesmaids, it is not bad form that you ask if they can kindly tip their stylist.
  • Catering Wait & Kitchen Staff: If you don’t tip this staff, it’s very similar to going out to eat and not tipping your waiter or waitress, which I suspect is something you would never consider doing right? Luckily, tipping is not expected to be 15-20% like it is in a restaurant (that would be $3,700-5,000!). Typically, wait staff is tipped in the $30-60 per person range. If this seems overwhelming to you, at minimum I think that if you can tip at least $20 per person, that would be greatly appreciated by the staff. As the time comes closer have either your Wedding Planner or yourself ask your Catering point of contact, how many people will be on staff for your wedding so that you can have an accurate number.
  • Photographer/Videographer: You’re not expected to tip this vendor, however if they’ve gone above and beyond for you, a generous tip of $50-$200 per vendor is appreciated!
  • DJ/Musicians: Again another optional vendor, but preferred if they were exceptional! Typically an allotment of $50-$150 is right on the money.

Tiffany Rivera is a WEDDING PLANNER & EVENT PLANNER serving DC, Maryland, Virginia and beyond!

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