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April 20, 2020

DC Wedding Planner | 8 Wedding Planning Tasks You Can Do From Home

DC Wedding Planner | 8 Wedding Planning Tasks You Can Do From The Comfort of Your Own Home

Here at SBE weddings are everything, and we’re feeling the pain of postponement right along with our couples. While we wish we could simply shake our magic little eight balls and let everyone know when a sense of normalcy will return in the world of weddings, sadly that’s one wedding planner power we hate to admit we lack (believe me it’s hurts us more than you know). So while there’s this weird grey area of the world we can’t control right now, we’ve decided to take control of the things we can and formulate a list of wedding planning tasks our couples (and you too of course!) can do from the comfort of your own homes. Because while it may seen like the world outside is on hold, there’s no reason wedding planning from your own home has to. #socialdistancing at it’s finest.

.01 – Chat With Your Wedding Planner

Your state has officially placed you on lockdown till what seems like eternity, and panic has now sunk in, “Is my wedding in jeopardy?”. First things first, reach out to your wedding planner if they haven’t done so already and schedule a zoom call to talk through logistics. Chances are they’re already 10 steps ahead of you and weighing out all possible options before reaching out, so now is a great chance for the three of you to voice your concerns together and map out a plan for the future. If that means postponing to a later date, here’s their time to shine. Allow them to walk you through the next steps moving forward and what that means for your wedding date. At the end of your call you should feel a sense of relief in knowing that you’re in this together. At the end of the day we all want what’s best for our couples.

.02 – Update/Build Your Wedding Website

If you haven’t built your wedding website yet, now’s a great time to get on it. Some our favorite sites like The Knot and Minted Weddings offer free interfaces for you to easily create a website in minutes. Looking for more advanced features? Wedding websites like Zola and Appy Couple offer customizable options for every techy bride or groom out there.

Already have a wedding website but looking for ways to add pertinent information? Add a banner/message to your wedding website’s home page acknowledging COVID-19 and letting guests know you will keep them in the loop should any plans change. You can also go as far as adding a link to the CDC website in the ‘travel and accommodations’ section so guests can quickly access up-to-date and accurate information as well. This should help reduce the amount of texts and calls from friends and family looking to you for answers on your big day.

.03 – Beef Up Those Pinterest Boards

Now’s the time to fine tune those Pinterest boards and nail down that exact hue of blue you’ve been eyeing all season. With more improved features now like Pinterest categories, and pinning from Instagram, you have all the tools you need to narrow down your dream wedding when the times comes to getting back to business.

.03 – Update Your Registry

Have you really been in quarantine if you haven’t tried to make banana bread yet? Yea we didn’t think so either. Now that you’re spending a lot more time at home this is the perfect time to add items to that coveted registry list that you’ve just realized you never knew you needed. A high-tech espresso maker to help curve those Starbucks cravings? A pasta maker to elevate you to Iron Chef level cooking? Do it!

.05 – Have a Food or Cake Tasting

If you reach out to your caterer or baker, chances are they’re also eager to keep the momentum of wedding planning moving forward. We’re learning more and more of companies offering safe & contact-less home deliveries to their couples in lieu of in-person tastings. This could be a great way to create the perfect date night at home, and still check off a task off the ol’ planning timeline.

.06 – Write Thank You Notes

Never had enough time to sit down and write those thank you notes from your engagement party last fall? Voila – the time is now. The USPS is currently struggling to keep funding abreast so do your part to keep the economy up and running by buying a book of stamps and getting those long overdue thank you’s out the door. Your loved ones would love to hear from you during this time!

.07 – Thread Count

While there’s nothing quite like trying on your wedding dress and saying yes to the dress in a salon, we understand that time is of the essence. To assist with brides at home, bridal shops such as The Bridal Room are offering virtual appointments where they’re bringing the fun consultation to you both through scheduled FaceTime calls and Zoom meetings to assist in this pivotal decision. Our grooms can also be proactive in loading in their measurements, along with the groomsmen, into sites such as The Black Tux, which make it easy to browse and conduct at home try-ons online.

.08 – Simply Breathe

At the end of the day we can only control what we can control, and as a wedding planner we know that’s a hard pill to swallow. Above all else it’s so important to make sure you’re taking time for yourself to step back and simply breathe through this entire process. Now’s the perfect time to explore self care at it’s finest and remember that your well being and health are most important. You’re not in this alone, and we’re here with you every step of the way.

Tiffany Rivera is a DC Wedding Planner & DC Event Planner serving DC, Maryland, Virginia and beyond! For more wedding advice, be sure to check out Six Things Not To Forget When Planning Your Wedding!

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