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July 25, 2016

DC Wedding Planner | Six Things Not To Forget When Planning Your Wedding

DC Welcome Bags

“Is there something I’m missing?” I get this question far too often! A bulk of the planning has been completed and our couples come to this weird “Everything is Done” stage. In their heads their must be something else they’re not remembering. Nine times out of the ten their isn’t! But to help ease everyone’s nerves here are a six things not to forget when planning your wedding – just to be safe.

Simply Breathe Events | DC Wedding Planner | Six Things Not to Forget When Planning Your Wedding“/>
Designating a “photo wrangler.” – You’ll want to designate a sibling, cousin, aunt, etc. who can be this person for you. The photographers aren’t going to know who your important family members are, so your photo wrangler can easily grab these family members for you and you can stay on schedule.

Escort Cards
 – How do you envision you want these to be displayed? On a table, on a board, hanging from the ceiling? Do you also want Place Cards? If you’re being served a plated meal, keep in mind that your catering staff will need to know who’s eating what at each place setting. So if you opt for anything other than individual Escort Cards, make sure you order Place Cards too for their use.

Table Numbers
 – Is your Venue or Catering Staff providing these? How did you envision these to look? Do you need to purchase these on your own?
Extra Signage – If you’re planning on spending some time planning and executing an awesome hashtag, make sure you get the word out! Other examples of signage would be if you’re having an “unplugged wedding”, a welcome sign, special quotes that are significant to you, etc.
Welcome Bags – If you’re interested in providing welcome bags for your out-of town guests, now would be a good time to begin thinking of what you’d like to include in those bags. Additionally be sure to check in with your hotel to ensure they can hand them to your guests as they check in, or if there’s a fee associated with doing so.
Flowers after the wedding – You’ve spent so much time creating the perfect flowers for your big day, now what do you plan on doing with them after the wedding? Would you like them to packed up for you at the end of the night to use for your Farewell Brunch? Would you like guests to take them with them? Probably the most forgotten of the six things not to forget when planning your wedding!
Once you’ve kept in mind these six things not to forget when planning your wedding, it’s time to leave the rest up to the wedding pros and Simply Breathe 🙂
Tiffany Rivera is a DC WEDDING PLANNER & DC EVENT PLANNER serving DC, Maryland, Virginia and beyond!

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