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July 27, 2020

DC Wedding Planner | 5 Perfect Wedding Masks For You And Your Guests

We’ll be the first to admit that we never thought face masks would make their way into wedding fashion, but yet le sigh, here we are. It’s a sign of the times, especially since the CDC recommends everyone wears face coverings in public for the foreseeable future. So, if you do plan to host your wedding during the COVID-19 era, then we predict masks will also be apart of weddings for the foreseeable future. BUT there’s no need to fret, because we’ve got you covered (pun intended) with 5 perfect wedding masks for you and your guests that are not only fashionable, but even a few places where you can shop local. Did we mention you’re also helping out a great cause in need with every purchase? Who knew being your best self, could be so rewarding!

Victory Masks

I mean, their motto says it all: “Because we’re in this TOGETHER”. The super creators behind Something Vintage saw a need in the market and immediately jumped to the rescue with these fun and vibrant masks for all. Not only are they a local option, but each mask purchased also donates a mask to hospitals in need. Hello, saving your guests and mankind with one purchase? Brb *adding to my cart now*.

DC Wedding Planner | The Perfect Wedding Masks for You and Your Guests

Whimsy + Row

Looking for something all white to get the job done? Whimsy + Row has the perfect option for your guests to wear comfortably all night long. The plus side: these masks come from an eco-conscious lifestyle brand based in west Los Angeles, and each purchase let’s you know upon check-out how you’re doing your part to help the environment. For example, one order of these masks equals 3.6 miles of driving emissions avoided. Look at you doing your part to save Mother Nature!

DC Wedding Planner | The Perfect Wedding Masks for You and Your Guests


As seen on the Today Show, Vogue, and The New York Times (to name a few), Caraa comes equipped with every color palette perfect for your wedding, not to mention they’ll also match every purchase with a charitable donation. Whether you’re going for a bold & bright day or a spring pastel moment, their inventory’s got you covered for your well deserved fashionably late moment.

DC Wedding Planner | The Perfect Wedding Masks for You and Your Guests


While you’re browsing Revolve for the cutest elopement/minimony dress, you might as well add a few masks to that cart of yours to save on shipping while you’re at it. Available in a pretty pastel blue, pink, and black, this combo pack includes everything you need to make sure you and your guests are Instagram worthy, making these one of 5 perfect wedding masks for you and your guests.

DC Wedding Planner | The Perfect Wedding Masks for You and Your Guests


Anyone that’s ordered anything off Etsy knows that the website is just clutch. You can get basically anything made and personalized to your heart’s desire, and masks for your guests are no exception. From your wedding date, to cute slogans like “Spreading Love, Not Germs”, you can have these protective fabrics made into fun favors for your guests to help tackle the yucky COVID elephant in the room.

DC Wedding Planner | The Perfect Wedding Masks for You and Your Guests

Tiffany Rivera is a DC Wedding Planner & DC Event Planner serving DC, Maryland, Virginia and beyond! For more wedding advice, be sure to check out 5 Ways To Celebrate Your Loved Ones When They Have to Postpone Their Wedding.

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