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May 26, 2020

7 Ways to Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date If You’ve Had to Postpone

DC Wedding Planner | 7 Ways to Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date If You've Had to Postpone

ICYMI: Last week we brought to you ways in which others can celebrate you & your s/o on your postponed wedding date, however this week’s post is especially for you [that’s all of our engaged couples out there].

If you’ve had to postpone your wedding due to COVID (or any other reason out of your control), rest assured you’re not alone. When your original wedding date rolls around, you might find yourself feeling sad, confused or even overwhelmed with emotion. While these emotions are 100% valid, and today’s new normal might not be what you originally envisioned, we hope you’ll take the time to not forget that it’s still important to honor your special day despite the circumstances. Check out our list below of 7 ways to celebrate your original wedding date if you’ve had to postpone.

1. Host a Minimony

An elopement (or affectionately dubbed “minimony“) is exactly as it sounds: a mini ceremony. Due to COVID, elopements these days are taking on a whole new meaning for themselves. Where typically these celebrations may have included running off to Las Vegas to get married despite mom & dad’s wishes, these days an elopement can be your special way of tying the knot sooner than later, while still keeping your date sacred to the two of you. Not to mention, they also more than likely can include up to 10 guests depending on your state’s social distancing guidelines. Couples are making their elopements special by still including their officiant, added touches such as a bouquet, personalized vows, a cutting cake, and other elements inspired by their original wedding day. Elopements or minimonies, are a great way for couples to honor their commitment to one another with their loved ones while still keeping a safe distance. Planning an elopement on your original wedding date is a great way to keep the love alive while still putting health and safety first

2. Open a Few Wedding Presents

disclaimer: If you’ve already been doing this (kuddos to you), skip this step

If wedding presents are taking up space in your home, use your original wedding date to open a few and put them to good use. Eyeing that brand new pasta maker or dying to use those china plates? Go for it! Opening your wedding gifts will not only bring joy to the day but let’s be honest here, who doesn’t love opening a beautifully wrapped gift or two? So grab a few boxes and open them together while you’re home in quarantine. The best time to test out your new faves is now.

3. Enjoy a Memorable Meal In

We can’t stress enough how much supporting local businesses during this time is one of the best things you can do to help others in need. Support your favorite local businesses by ordering a meal from your favorite restaurant or even reaching out to your wedding caterer to see if they have meals to go (some of our faves: Occasions, Get Plated, & Heirloom), and plan a date night on your original wedding date. Make it extra special by popping a bottle of your favorite champagne or wine. While you might not have envisioned celebrating your wedding with local pizza or your favorite lo-mein dish, it’ll create a special memory you’ll never forget. 

4. Plan a Virtual Cocktail Hour

If a majority of your guests are from out of town, hosting a virtual cocktail hour is the perfect way to bring everyone together virtually. Organize a Zoom call with your closest family & friends, encouraging everyone to have their cocktails handy. While you might not be able to come together physically, having your loved ones call in to your digital reception is a great way to take back your wedding date. Make sure everyone comes prepared with a toast (or two) to keep things fun.

DC Wedding Planner | 7 Ways To Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date If You’ve Had to Postpone

5. Order Your Wedding Cake

What’s a wedding celebration without cake? Reach out to your wedding baker to see if they’d be willing to create a smaller version of your wedding cake flavor, and set out a time to pick it up to celebrate the occasion. Not having cake at your wedding? No need to fret. Whether it’s doughnuts or an ice cream bar, reach out to that vendor to see if they’re participating in any social distancing orders and get on their list! The adventure of it all will create a lasting memory the two of you will never forget.

6. Have a Photo Shoot

Though it’s not what you intended, you’ll want to remember how you took back the date for years to come. Some of our faves like Renee Hollingshead Photography & Abby Jiu are offering virtual FaceTime sessions where they’ll help you scout the best places in your home for optimal lighting and schedule a time to make the magic happen. Get dressed up or down, and include your fur babies for an extra personalized touch. Now no matter the date, you’ll always have a photo to look back on your special day at home safely together.

DC Wedding Planner | 7 Ways To Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date If You’ve Had to Postpone

7. Do What’s Best for the Two of You

While this list is meant as a guide, should you be looking for ways to celebrate your original wedding date if you’ve had to postpone, at the end of the day do what makes the two of you happy. While we encourage you to make the best of an unfortunate situation, should you guys want to stay home and order takeout while binge watching all 3 seasons of Narcos, hey guess what? Do it! Focusing on what’s truly important is the best thing for any of us to do during this crazy time. As long as you’re happy, we’re happy.

Tiffany Rivera is a DC Wedding Planner & DC Event Planner serving DC, Maryland, Virginia and beyond! For more wedding advice, be sure to check out 5 Ways To Celebrate Your Loved Ones When They Have to Postpone Their Wedding.

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